The First Volunteer Fire Company of Bergholz, Inc.

Established 1918

We recently completed our 100th year of service to the residents of the Town of Wheatfield, NY.  One hundred years of pride and professionalism as our members dedicated continuous service to our community and we look forward to the next one hundred years.  
 You can also contact us at our fire station by calling and leaving a message at 716-731-4848.
Lieutenant D. Kowalik, FF M. Davis, FF Z. Will, FF S. Wilson, FF Z. Wilson and FF D. Szpaicher after completing NY State Association of Fire Chief's Flashover training.
Bergholz Fire Company completes workout gym renovation project
Recently, the Bergholz Fire Company modernized and renovated space that was set aside for their work out center.  All members plus members of he auxillary will have access to the equipment.
Bergholz Fire Company Always Looking for New Members
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a volunteer firefighter?  Would you like to observe a training event to see what it is all about?  Do you live within five (5) miles of the Bergholz Fire Company?  If you do, then you need not wonder any longer!  We are always looking for new firefighters to fill positions.  There is no cost involved.  We provide the following:
- Free Training
- Equipment provided for no cost to you
- The knowledge that you are helping your community every single day!
- Retirement Program
- A welcoming family atmosphere
If this sound like something you would like to look into further, please contact Membership Secretary Mike Manth @ 716-866-2884 0r Assistant Chief Jim Kish at 716-713-6644 for details!

Member Spotlight
***Phil Richardson***
This month's member spotlight will shine on FF/EMT EMS Captain Phil Richardson
Phil Richardson is a newer member to the Bergholz Fire Family as he transferred over from a neighboring company in late 2021.  Phil has already cemented himself as an important member of the team by his leadership qualities and his willingness to assist in any way he can to help.  He is currently our EMS Captain.
Q - How old were you and in what year did you join he volunteer fire service?
A - 17 years old and in 2002.
Q- What inspired you to become a volunteer firefighter?
A - To give back to my community.
Q - What keeps you responding to calls after all these years?
A - To assist my neighbors and also a lack of volunteers throughout our county.
Q - You are also a NY State Certified A-EMT and a top responder for Tri-Community Ambulance as well.  How do you find the time to do all that you do?
A - I like to help when I can.


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