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Established 1918
We recently completed our 100th year of service to the residents of the Town of Wheatfield, NY.  One hundred years of pride and professionalism as our members dedicated continuous service to our community and we look forward to the next one hundred years.  
 You can also contact us at our fire station by calling and leaving a message at 716-731-4848.
Congratulations To Our New Interior Firefighters
We recently welcomed four newly trained interior firefighters to our group.  They are from left to right Becky Ammerman, Zach Wilson, Mike Davis and Dillon Szpaicher.  Not counting travel, studying, etc., there's at least 140 hours of training per person!  Congratulations!!
ON THE PROPOSED FINANCING BY First Volunteer Fire Company of Bergholz, Inc.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN the First Volunteer Fire Company of Bergholz, Inc. located in Niagara Falls, New York (the Issuer), will allow for public comment on December 7th  2021 at 7:15 pm., via the following: local or toll free phone number  716-731-4848 for the purpose of holding a public hearing pursuant to the requirements of Section 147(f) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, on a proposal the Issuer enter into an agreement to finance certain equipment. The equipment to be financed consists of One (1) New Spartan Pumper and will be maintained at the fire station in Niagara Falls, New York.

To finance the costs of such equipment and to pay costs and expenses incidental to the financing, the Issuer proposes to enter into a loan agreement with a maximum aggregate principal amount not to exceed $727,000.00. The Issuer will be required to pay all taxes on the equipment. The rental payments due pursuant to the loan agreement will be secured by a security interest in the equipment.

All persons interested may phone in and be heard at said time and place or may file written comments with the First Volunteer Fire Company of Bergholz, Inc. prior to the date of hearing set forth heretofore.

Date Published: 11/30/2021


Bergholz Fire Company Recruitment Drive and Open House
Have you wondered what it would be like to serve your community?  Have you thought about becoming a part of your local volunteer fire department but you weren't sure who to call or contact?  If you live within the Town of Wheatfield, NY or are within five (5) road miles of our fire station, we are here to help.  We provide free firefighting equipment and free training!  All you need to provide is the willingness to learn.  On this site is an application page that you can fill out and submit.  We'd be happy to reach out to you.  We are always accepting interior and exterior firefighters, fire police, emergency medical technicians and driver/pump operators.  If you have something that would keep you from physically participating but you have a talent that would assist on our administrative side, please let us know.  You also would be eligible for a state tax credit each year and our town provides a service program for retirement!  We also have an auxillary that supports our fire company through fund raising and assistance on larger emergencies.  Watch here for information on a recruitment event at our fire station soon.                Do you have a fire in you?
SANTA RUN 2021!!
Saturday’s December 11th - 5:00PM to 9:00 PM and Sunday December 12th - 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Due to pandemic restrictions, Santa & Mrs. Claus will remain on the truck waving from a distance. Our firefighters will be walking alongside with a box in hand as we're hoping you'll make a deposit for our food drive!! We're looking forward to safely seeing you on the street!!

Here are the directions for Saturday December 11th
Start on Lancelot and Plaza Drive.
Lancelot Dr - Jennifer Ct - Deidre Ct - Samantha Ct - Walmore Rd (from Lancelot to Katherine Dr) - Katherine Dr - Rebecca Dr - Tawny Dr - Katherine Dr - Walmore Rd (from Katherine Dr to Jagow Rd) - Jagow Rd - Deborah Ln - Jagow Rd (from Deborah Ln to Lake Mead Rd) - Lake Mead Rd - Lakeside Dr - Osprey Ln - Purple Martin Ln - Mourning Dove Ln - Kingfisher Ln - Lakeside Dr (from Kingfisher Ln to Woodthrush Ct) - Woodthrush Ct - Lakeside Dr (from Woodthrush Ct to Skylark Ln) - Skylark Ln - Rock Dove Ln

Here are the directions for Sunday December 12th
Start on Rock Dove Ln and Sy Rd.
Sy Rd - Old Falls Blvd - Schultz St - Cayuga St - Rohr St (from Cayuga St to Sy Rd) - Sylvan Pl (from Rohr St to Sy Rd) - Sy Rd - Reynolds St - Rose Ct - Luther St - Cayuga St (from Luther St to Rohr St) - Rohr St - Niagara Rd - Schultz St - Stoelting St - Hunt St - Washington St - Rohr St - Niagara Rd - Hunt St - Wurl St - Binkley Pl - Niagara Rd - Ward Rd - Thornwood Dr - Driftwood Dr - Ward Rd - Walck Dr
Member Spotlight
Our current spotlight focuses on our current fire department President Gail Carrier

This edition of our member spotlight will chronicle the background of our current President and interior firefighter/EMT Gail Carrier.

Q1 - You come from a deep volunteer background as your great grandfather Julius was the first chief in the departments history.  Was there a specific point in your life where you made a decision that you wanted to be a volunteer firefighter or is it something you've always wanted to do?

A - "Growing up in and around the fire company and having seen my father and my brothers not only join but become instrumental in the department, it seemed like a natural step for me to take.  I started volunteering at Tri-Community Ambulance first, received my EMT and then decided to join the fire company."

Q2 - Who has been your biggest influence in your fire career up to this point?

A - "I would have to say that my family specifically my great grandfather who helped organize this department to my father who was a past chief and president, my brother Dennis who is also a past chief and past president.  I look to Art Gerbec who was the chief when I joined and to Art Kroening.  There are many others as well as everyone has had an influence on me."

Q3 - Is there any call or calls that stand out in your memory where your actions made a difference in the outcome of the call?

A - "It's hard to pinpoint one call individually as there are many where our team providing life saving care or extrication from a vehicle has helped a person to survive.  I think working as a team and having positive results are memorable."

Q4 - What do you enjoy the most about the volunteer fire service?

A - "Being a part of the volunteer fire service can be uplifting some times.  When your having a bad day or a bad call you can rely on your team to talk you through it and to help.  I really enjoy knowing that I am helping my community as well.  I love the feeling of being able to help others."

Q5 - Are you able to remember your first call or the circumstances surrounding this call?

A - " I don't specifically remember my very first call but I do remember being able to ride the tailboard.  I really loved being able to ride the tailboard of the trucks.  One time I was at church wearing a skirt when a fire call came in.  I went to the hall putting on my knee high firefighter boots (before bunker pants were available) and climbing onto the tailboard trying to keep the skirt tucked in."


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